Cotton Seed oil

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Cottonseed oil is used in cooking and is also used as a home remedy for certain skin conditions and ailments. Like olive oil, cottonseed oil is high in polyunsaturated fat which can help lower LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and increase HDL (“good” cholesterol).

Cottonseed oil is commonly used in processed foods because of its ability to extend shelf life. Some of these products include:

  • potato chips
  • cookies and crackers
  • margarine
  • mayonnaise
  • salad dressing

It’s also a popular ingredient for baking. It provides a solid fat index for shortening, making for baked goods that’re moist and chewy. It also helps achieve a creamy consistency in icing and whipped toppings.

Cottonseed oil is also used by many fast food chains for deep frying because it enhances the flavor of food instead of masking it. It’s also less expensive than other vegetable oils.