Groundnut Oil

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Groundnut, for most of us, has been a good companion during snack-time hunger, casual strolls in the park, or sheer boredom. Roasted, fried, boiled or salted, they delight the taste buds in a substantial manner. They are a good source of protein and fibre and are certainly a healthier substitute for oily snacks.

How is it a better choice than regular oils?

  • Since it has a high smoking point, groundnut oil can be used to deep fry a variety of foods, especially Indian ..
  • Since it has a neutral taste, it does not interfere with the core taste of the dish. Also, it does not absorb the taste of the ingredients,

What are the health benefits of groundnut oil?

Groundnut oil, especially if it is organic, is considered fairly healthy. The following are the health benefits of groundnut oil:

  1. Source of unsaturated fats
  2. Maintains heart health
  3. Contains antioxidants
  4. Skin care
  5. Slows cognitive disorders